Not a Person...A Blog!

There's only about ten thousand things in my head that need to be written down, spoken, recorded, verbalized...before I forget them. I need a scribe or an extender...the person that follows physicians around and writes everything down that they say. Except if you know me my person would constantly being saying "What?" "Can you repeat that?" "Quit mumbling, for God's sake!" or "You DO NOT want me to write THAT down, do you?" They would ultimately throw their hands up in the air and walk away. Since a person isn't in the cards for me I've had to make other arrangements. 

Several things 1) I'm a nurse, not a physician 2) I don't have a person and don't particularly want one following me around and 3) I only work 3 days a week so people say I don't work much. I created this sweet little page to solve my life's lack of a personal by-my-side scribe. I feel in no way deficient or lacking due to this but am determined …